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Japan Times
Jul 28, 2007
Lensless Lennon shades go on auction
An online auction of John Lennon's sunglasses frames, which he gave to his Japanese translator at the end of the Beatles' controversial concerts in Tokyo, is attracting great interest, and organizers hope they fetch as much as $2 million.
Japan Times
Jul 3, 2007
Nightclub hostess world still seen as one where profit trumps visas, safety
Dangers still lurk for foreign women who work as hostesses in Japan's nightlife districts, despite claims of better regulation in the wake of the Lucie Blackman slaying, according to an international security consultant who recently investigated the nightclub scene.
Jun 12, 2007
U.K. celeb chef gets on bluefin's side
Japanese consumers are being urged to stop eating endangered bluefin tuna after a celebrity chef with restaurants in Japan decided to take it off all his menus. Gordon Ramsay, who has two restaurants at the Conrad Tokyo hotel, has removed the endangered fish from the menus of all of his outlets worldwide following pressure from the Marine Conservation Society.
Jun 8, 2007
Forum sinks Japan whale trade plan
Japan's attempts to "reopen the commercial trade in whale products" have been frustrated at an international conference, conservationists claimed Wednesday. Japan had proposed setting up a review to consider whether all of the great whale species should remain on an endangered list that prevents international trade in those products.
May 29, 2007
U.K. tycoon lawmaker targets Japan's 'bribed' whaling allies
A wealthy British parliamentarian and entrepreneur is funding an "unprecedented" TV campaign to try to dissuade six small Caribbean nations from voting with Japan at the annual meeting of the International Whaling Commission that starts Monday. Michael Ashcroft has devised a $500,000 ad campaign — "Tell Japan We'll Keep The Ban" — which is currently being screened in some of the six island nations he is targeting: Antigua and Barbuda, Dominica, Grenada, St. Kitts and Nevis, St. Lucia, and St. Vincent and the Grenadines.
Japan Times
May 9, 2007
British farmers' 'wagyu' beef strains prove a hit
Following the mad cow disease scare in Britain and a desire to eat better quality food, Japanese beef is increasing in popularity here, and some farmers are using Japanese techniques to improve the quality of their meat.
Mar 28, 2007
London mayor likens toll snub to war stance
The mayor of London has used Japan's role in World War II to attack its embassy in London for refusing to pay a controversial road charge. Commenting recently about Japan's decision not to contribute toward the central London congestion motoring charge, Ken Livingstone told the LBC radio station, "I think there are several problems with Japan that we could go on about here.
Japan Times
Mar 9, 2007
Scotch expert inspirited by wee dram
When delegates at a whisky fair in Paris prepared to meet the author of an exhaustive study of Scotland's distilleries, they expected to be greeted by a mature Scotsman.
Japan Times
Feb 21, 2007
Archives: Stalin, Kim, Mao plotted Japan invasion?
U.S. Army intelligence officials were told that China, the Soviet Union and North Korea planned to invade Japan during the Korean War, according to documents uncovered by Kyodo News at the National Archives in London.
Feb 15, 2007
Famed British bus to find new home in Shimonoseki
The residents of Shimonoseki, Yamaguchi Prefecture, might soon be driven to thinking they are in the heart of central London. The coastal city will take possession of a distinctive red double-decker Routemaster bus that used to travel the streets of London and is considered a design icon.
Feb 14, 2007
British, French clashed over Akihito's induction
Queen Elizabeth II decided against giving an honor to Emperor Akihito on his official installation as Crown Prince because it was too soon after the war. To top it off, Britain's senior representative in Tokyo then became furious when he learned his French counterpart was pressing Paris to offer the young royal a top ceremonial award, government files from 1952 have revealed.
Jan 20, 2007
Japanese students choose U.K. less
The number of Japanese and other East Asians coming to Britain to study English has fallen in recent years as more young people are opting to study the language at home. The numbers from Japan are decreasing for several reasons -- a weak Japanese economy, the falling birthrate, the growing popularity of Chinese and more chances to study English at home.
Japan Times
Dec 30, 2006
U.K. sought accessible Hirohito
Japan should have made more use of the late Emperor Hirohito and allowed him to interact with ordinary members of the public, a disclosed dispatch from Britain's ambassador to Japan in 1976 showed Friday.
Dec 26, 2006
Japanese, Chinese unite to save London mall from ball
Japanese and Chinese residents living in London are fighting plans to demolish a shopping mall that has served their needs for the last 13 years. They say the move symbolizes the Far Eastern community's lack of influence in Britain when compared to other ethnic minorities.
Dec 15, 2006
U.K. firm hopes to restart MOX trade
Seven years after a scandal dashed Britain's hopes of exporting nuclear fuel to Japan, there are signs that shipments could begin again in the near future. A source familiar with the Japanese nuclear industry said British Nuclear Group Ltd. could be asked to provide MOX fuel to Japan, probably after 2010.
Dec 2, 2006
U.K. media simplify Japanese views on war issues: scholar
The British media tend to give undue prominence to nationalist voices when reporting events related to the war Japan waged in the first half of the 20th century, an academic said. Philip Seaton, an associate professor at Hokkaido University's Institute of Language and Culture Studies, said that when newspapers and Web sites cover Tokyo's Yasukuni Shrine and the row over what have been called whitewashed Japanese history textbooks, they fail to represent the differences in Japanese public opinion and focus on more vocal rightwing views. Seaton believes British media need to reflect a more diverse range of opinions if it is to represent Japan more fairly.
Nov 10, 2006
Japan works on a makeover to attract more Europeans
In an effort to woo younger European travelers, Japanese tourism officials launched a campaign highlighting the country's contribution to contemporary arts and culture. Staff at the Japan National Tourist Organization are also hoping to attract spa-lovers by promoting Japan's many "onsen" (hot springs) and Buddhist retreats.
Japan Times
Sep 25, 2006
Joint effort preserves rare lacquer chest
A major project to save one of the finest pieces of exported Japanese lacquer is under way in Britain.
Japan Times
Sep 21, 2006
Lucie Blackman's dad sets up trust to help others stay safe
Six years after the murder of Tokyo nightclub hostess Lucie Blackman, her father is hoping some good can come from the tragedy.
Aug 8, 2006
Japan's real ales a big hit at London beer bash
Japanese real ales made their debut at this year's Great British Beer Festival in London. Toshi Ishii, 38, a brewer from Nagano Prefecture, has been selling two of his most popular brands of real ale and the response from British connoisseurs has been favorable.


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