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Speech-generating AI works by sifting through reams of data, categorizing how people speak then using an algorithm, to replicate human vocal patterns and speech characteristics.
Oct 23, 2023
Whose voice is it anyway? Actors take on AI copycats
Artists around the world are joining forces to protect their jobs, and their souls, from the ramifications of AI that sounds just like them.
Self-proclaimed president of the "Free Republic of Liberland" Vit Jedlicka (center) poses with the Liberland flag and future citizens in the village of Backi Monostor, Serbia, in May 2015
WORLD / Society
Sep 25, 2023
Breakaway Balkans micronation dreams of a crypto future
"Liberland" has attracted libertarian supporters across the globe who see a natural harmony between libertarianism and crypto.
Japan Times
Jun 23, 2023
The (AI) therapist is in: Can chatbots boost mental health?
Such chatbots are growing in popularity at a time when health resources are stretched, despite concerns from tech experts around data privacy and counseling ethics.
Japan Times
May 5, 2023
Are AI chatbots in courts putting justice at risk?
Supporters saying the tech say it can streamline court processes while critics warn it runs the risk bias and injustice.
Japan Times
Mar 20, 2023
AI boom is dream and nightmare for workers in developing countries
For workers labeling the text, images, video and audio needed for AI services, lax labor regulations and low wages are the norm, tech experts say.
Japan Times
Dec 23, 2022
Stories centered on climate change slowly make inroads in massive gaming industry
Activists and governments are hoping they can encourage behavioral change among gamers through green nudges, where points are awarded for protecting the environment in consumer games
Japan Times
Nov 19, 2022
From sex workers to bakers, Twitter business users fear losses
"Every day there's always something going on, and it looks like the site is falling apart," a small business owner said of Twitter.


At the Akan International Crane Center, just north of the city of Kushiro proper, visitors can see the majestic red-crowned crane — a symbol of Hokkaido.
Faces of the north: A Hokkaido town grapples with depopulation