Ben Westcott
Japan Times
May 11, 2022
A coal mining hub could decide Australia’s future
At stake is the policy of a nation that is a potential renewable-energy superpower but still gets 70% of its electricity and about a quarter of its exports from fossil fuels.
Japan Times
Apr 25, 2022
Chinese naval base in Solomon Islands would be ‘red line,’ Australian PM says
Scott Morrison has been accused of not moving quickly enough to avoid a security agreement between Honiara and Beijing.
Japan Times
Apr 13, 2022
U.S. and Australia pressure Solomon Islands on China military pact
'We have asked Solomon Islands respectfully to consider not signing the agreement and to consult the Pacific family,' said Australian Minister for the Pacific Zed Seselja.
Japan Times
Apr 11, 2022
China is just one of the headaches facing Australia’s next prime minister
The center-right Liberal National coalition government is campaigning for a fourth term in office after grappling with a pandemic and a slew of climate change-related disasters.
Japan Times
Mar 7, 2022
Australia to build new $7.4 billion base for nuclear submarines
The move, to be announced by Prime Minister Scott Morrison, will be the first construction of a major new base in Australia since the 1990s.


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