Ruth Carson
Traders say a slump of the yen as far as ¥170 per dollar is possible despite looming intervention risks.
BUSINESS / Economy
Jun 25, 2024
Forget ¥160 — traders see currency falling as far as ¥170 against dollar
The yen is at risk of sliding to levels last seen in 1986, with traders unfazed by the specter of government intervention.
The rate of the U.S. dollar against the yen is displayed on an electronic stock board outside a securities firm in Tokyo earlier this month.
BUSINESS / Markets
May 28, 2024
Popularity of yen 'carry trade' may dent impact of BOJ rate rises
The weakening yen and strengthening greenback are increasing the attractiveness of the strategy by boosting its total return.
Suspected intervention to drag the yen off a 34-year low against the dollar is already seen as unlikely to have a lasting effect if Japan continues alone.
BUSINESS / Markets
May 13, 2024
Yen’s fragility raises specter of a new currency war in Asia
A destabilizing slump in the yen could be the trigger that forces Japan’s neighbors to take extreme action.
The dollar's resurgence has come on the back of a slew of signs that the U.S. economy avoided the slowdown many anticipated.
BUSINESS / Markets
Apr 23, 2024
U.S. dollar’s extended reign delivers stark wake-up call to markets
Global investors are talking about "U.S. exceptionalism” after a predicted slowdown to the nation's economy didn't transpire.
Yen traders are bracing for 160 to the dollar or even further declines.
BUSINESS / Markets
Apr 16, 2024
Yen traders brace for 160 level even as intervention risks rise
The yen weakened 1% last week alone as fears of higher-for-longer U.S. borrowing costs spurred a stampede to the dollar.
Investors will be heaping ever more scrutiny on Japanese assets, with negative rates potentially relegated to history.
BUSINESS / Markets
Mar 15, 2024
BlackRock and Man Group reveal big Japan bets before BOJ decision
Snap up more Japanese stocks and keep buying the yen — these are some of the most popular calls from big-name money managers.
The risks are particularly evident in Asia, home to some of the world’s worst-performing major currencies against the greenback.
BUSINESS / Economy
Jan 19, 2024
Dollar dominance is triggering intervention fears across markets
The greenback's recent spike is a reality check to investors betting on dollar weakness and for the authorities hoping for a respite.
Pacific Investment Management headquarters in Newport Beach, California. The bond giant says it has started building a long yen position.
Nov 20, 2023
Pimco is buying yen to prepare for tighter BOJ monetary policy
The bond giant started building a long yen position when Japan’s currency weakened past ¥140 per dollar a few months ago.
Veteran Japanese investors are split over whether to put their money into Chinese bonds.
BUSINESS / Markets
Jul 27, 2023
Friends who help manage $640 billion clash on China bonds
While they’ve been friends for at least a decade, their take on trading China bonds couldn’t be more diametrically opposed.
Nikko Asset Management is ditching its bearish view on the yen, and now has a ¥135 target against the dollar by year-end.
BUSINESS / Markets
Jul 20, 2023
Nikko Asset shifts to bullish yen slant as Ueda bides his time
The shift in his view highlights potential upside for the yen, where inflation-adjusted interest rates have exacerbated its decline to multidecade lows.
Japan Times
BUSINESS / Markets
Jul 18, 2023
An $880 billion fund is shorting key Japanese bonds in BOJ bet
An $880 billion fund is betting it’s only a matter of time before the Bank of Japan tightens monetary policy.
Japan Times
Jun 5, 2023
Putin’s war ignites backlash against dollar across the world
All around the world, a backlash is brewing against the hegemony of the U.S. dollar.
Japan Times
Apr 1, 2023
A $3 trillion threat to global financial markets looms in Japan
Just over a week before a momentous leadership change at the Bank of Japan, investors are gearing up for the seemingly inevitable end to a decade of ultralow interest rates.
Japan Times
BUSINESS / Economy
Feb 24, 2023
The world’s most painful trade is finally ending as dollar peaks
Investors say the dollar is on the way down because the bulk of Fed rate increases is over, and most other currencies will strengthen as their central banks keep tightening.
Japan Times
BUSINESS / Economy
Feb 13, 2023
Global bond bulls face reckoning however new BOJ chief shapes policy
Beyond the yield fireworks any hawkish policy shift may soon ignite, steady selling of overseas bonds in favor of local alternatives by Japanese investors is already a market fact.
Japan Times
BUSINESS / Markets
Jan 19, 2023
Funds plan relentless pressure on BOJ as they eye full surrender
The Bank of Japan may have wrong-footed bond bears once again, but investors say a shift in policy is inevitable.
Japan Times
BUSINESS / Markets
Dec 22, 2022
Investors rush to update yen playbook after Bank of Japan’s surprise shift
The yen surged 4.8% on Tuesday after the BOJ blindsided the market by raising its cap on 10-year bond yields to 0.5% from 0.25%.
Japan Times
BUSINESS / Markets
Dec 15, 2022
‘Mother of all pivots’ in 2023 spurs top Asia fund to eye yen
The yen has climbed more than 11% from its October nadir amid government intervention, hopes for a slowing of U.S. rate hikes and speculation over a BOJ shift.
Japan Times
BUSINESS / Markets
Dec 5, 2022
The year’s big yen short set for a dramatic U-turn in 2023
Analysts' bullishness is a marked change in tune from September, when hedge funds couldn't get enough of shorting the yen — a high profile casualty of the BOJ's ultradovish monetary policy.
Japan Times
Oct 26, 2022
Japan expected to keep last central bank negative interest rate
Explaining the refusal to shift gears is getting harder and such doggedness risks triggering a fresh downward spiral for the embattled yen.


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