Postwar education at a vexing crossroads

by Michael Hoffman

In July 1995, a special edition of Aera magazine reflected on 50 years of postwar evolution. Education was among the topics covered. Two facts grab the viewer of a photograph showing an elementary school class settling into a brand new academic year. It’s April, 1947. Fact one: Boys and girls ...

Political obstacles stymie energy autonomy

| Mar 28, 2015

Political obstacles stymie energy autonomy

by Philip Brasor

When German Chancellor Angela Merkel was in Japan earlier this month, local coverage focused on a joint German-Japanese statement about the Ukraine crisis and her comment that Japan should forthrightly address its actions during World War II. She said nothing about how Japan and ...

Mar 28, 2015

Sendai official sacked over fake funeral claims

A civil servant who made up deaths and even claimed he was going to the same person’s funeral twice has been sacked in Miyagi Prefecture. Shigenori Natori was fired from his job managing public parks in Sendai after taking 16 days of bereavement leave ...