Sexual obsession stimulated Junichiro Tanizaki's writing

by Nicolas Gattig

A 55-year-old science lecturer is found naked on a university campus. His student lover has made him strip as a show of devotion — “Get naked to show me your love,” she reportedly demanded — and then scampered off with his clothes. The lecturer resigns, apologizes for “causing considerable trouble,” ...

Invoking Manchuria's cross-dressing spy

Apr 11, 2015

Invoking Manchuria's cross-dressing spy

by Paul Mccarthy

She was born the daughter of a Manchu prince in Beijing in 1907. Later, as she grew up in Japan, she earned notoriety for her flamboyant challenges to gender roles and her military exploits as a princess-spy. Even today Yoshiko Kawashima still stokes controversy, ...