North Korea is a mystic draw for some Americans

by Foster Klug

One shouted about God’s love as he crossed a frozen river, clutching a Bible. Another swam, drunk and naked. Several U.S. soldiers dashed around land mines. Time and again, Americans over the years have slipped illegally into poor, deeply suspicious, fervently anti-American North Korea, even as it has become increasingly ...

Sep 18, 2014

15 detained in Australian counterterrorism raids

Australian police detained 15 people Thursday in a major counterterrorism operation, saying intelligence indicated a random, violent attack was being planned on Australian soil. About 800 federal and state police officers raided more than a dozen properties across Sydney as part of the operation ...

Thailand says no DNA match yet for two slain Britons

Sep 18, 2014

Thailand says no DNA match yet for two slain Britons

Police in Thailand said Wednesday that DNA samples from the bodies of two British tourists found bludgeoned on a resort island did not match any collected from 12 people who were among those in the area. Police also conducted autopsies that showed that 23-year-old ...

Sep 16, 2014

South Korean fisherman finds suspected North drone

A South Korean fisherman Monday found a suspected North Korean drone in his net near an island south of the rivals’ disputed sea border, military officials said. The wreckage, without a wing, engine or camera, was recovered when it got caught in his net ...