What's worth getting excited about in 2015?

by Kaori Shoji

A general sentiment of self-restraint, bukkadaka (物価高, the high cost of living) and enyasu (円安, the weak yen) culminated in an Oshōgatsuyasumi (お正月休み, New Year’s holiday) where more people stayed put and fewer traveled to exotic overseas destinations. According to Internet research company Do House Inc., a whopping 41.8 percent ...

| Jan 12, 2015

If the au fits, wear it

Today we will introduce the meanings and usage of the verb 合(あ)う that means to fit. 合う is used to describe how something or someone (X) fits with something or someone else (Y) using the pattern X(a thing or person)はY(a thing or person)に合う, as ...