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Commuters used as guinea pigs

Precision equipment maker Omron Corp. used images of passengers surreptitiously taken at train stations run by East Japan Railway Co. for a government-linked research project without JR East’s consent, the ...

  • China girds for 'war on pollution'

    China girds for 'war on pollution'

    Having declared “war on pollution,” China is arming itself with tougher weapons such as new courts, daily fines and shutting down offenders altogether, in what analysts call promising steps that bring no guarantee of ...


Mood changes from Facebook

Facebook at least learned one thing from its secretive experiment to manipulate users' news feeds to find out how their moods changed. It produced a lot of negative emotions in response.

Great apes going extinct by trade

Thousands of great apes — including chimpanzees, gorillas, bonobos and orangutans — are killed or trafficked each year in an illegal trade that is driving them toward extinction.