To mark Children’s Day, which was Wednesday, here’s a roundup of recent stories about Japan’s issues with kids:

Festival — Children’s Day | JAPAN SOCIETY LONDON
Festival — Children’s Day | JAPAN SOCIETY LONDON
  • Also last month, a ruling party lawmaker submitted a proposal to Prime Minister Yoshihide Suga to set up a central database of records of sex crimes, aimed at preventing perpetrators from becoming teachers and cram school tutors.
  • The first government survey of so-called young carers showed that 5.7% of second-year junior high schoolers look after family members with chronic illnesses or other problems. Over 10% of such children spend seven hours-plus per weekday on such care.
  • A new website designed to be a crowdsourced guide to help house hunters avoid noisy neighborhoods is stoking controversy, The New York Times reports. Many parents are alarmed by the prevalence of posts on the site expressing annoyance with kids playing.