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Kakizawa resigned as senior vice justice minister in late October after admitting that he had proposed using an online advertisement in Yayoi Kimura's mayoral campaign, which is prohibited by the election law.
JAPAN / Crime & Legal
Dec 15, 2023
Prosecutors search lawmaker's home and office over Tokyo vote-buying
Lower House member Mito Kakizawa is suspected of paying money to several Koto Ward assembly members to get a mayoral candidate he backed elected.
Remains of a Yayoi Period building found on the former British Embassy property in Tokyo
JAPAN / Society
Dec 7, 2023
Yayoi Period village remains found on former British Embassy grounds
Despite the discovery, construction on the site is set to continue after the excavation of the area concludes in March.
Prime Minister Fumio Kishida answers questions during an Upper House Budget Committee session on Tuesday.
JAPAN / Politics
Oct 31, 2023
State justice minister resigns over link to illegal campaigning
Mito Kakizawa, state minister of justice, resigned Tuesday after admitting to being involved in election campaign misconduct in the spring.
Yayoi Kimura, mayor of Tokyo's Koto Ward, at a news conference to announce her resignation following allegations of election campaign violations.
Oct 27, 2023
Mayor of Tokyo ward to resign over alleged campaign violation
Koto Ward mayor Yayoi Kimura says she will resign following a probe by public prosecutors in connection with an alleged election law violation.
In total, the Yoshinogari Historical Park holds 98 buildings, including dwellings, storehouses and watchtowers.
LIFE / Travel
Jul 31, 2023
Think you could survive in prehistoric Japan? This Kyushu park lets you try
The Yoshinogari Historical Park, which preserves ruins across the sprawling site in Saga Prefecture, lets visitors get a feel for local history from 500 B.C. to 300 A.D.
Japan Times
Jun 5, 2023
Stone coffin opened at Yoshinogari site in southwestern Japan
The sarcophagus is believed to have been built in the Yayoi period during the time of the ancient country of Yamatai.
Japan Times
Feb 18, 2023
Is this Yayoi Kusama's final evolution?
A recent branding campaign with luxury brand Louis Vuitton raises the question: Is she still interesting?
Japan Times
Dec 8, 2022
Now arriving: Yayoi Kusama and Kiki Smith’s Grand Central Madison mosaics
Beach scenes, wild turkeys and fantastic abstract forms in glass grace the M.T.A.u2019s new Long Island Rail Road terminal, with works by other artists.
Japan Times
Nov 8, 2022
Notes from Setouchi: At Naoshima, three giants of Japanese art wrestle for attention
In spaces that opened earlier this year on Naoshima, the severe architecture of Tadao Ando brings a new edge to the art of Yayoi Kusama and Hiroshi Sugimoto.
Japan Times
May 6, 2021
Yayoi Kusama's dots and flowers breathe life into pandemic-hit New York
The avant-garde artist's signature motif has been taken to the New York Botanical Garden.
Japan Times
Mar 16, 2021
In rare move, athletes and coaches speak out against Olympic planners
With support for the Tokyo Games still low, hopeful participants are taking to social media to push back against public perceptions that they are united with the event's organizers.
Japan Times
CULTURE / Music / Sound Off
Feb 14, 2020
SXSW ramps up its Japan game
A slew of Japanese artists are set to appear at the South by Southwest Music Conference and Festival in Austin, Texas, between March 16 and 22.
Japan Times
CULTURE / Entertainment news
Nov 14, 2019
At 90, artist Yayoi Kusama has plans for Macy's Thanksgiving Day parade balloon and New York installation
Multimedia artist Yayoi Kusama is keeping up a torrid pace at 90 — backing up sold-out exhibits at museums around the world with fresh works, more shows and even a balloon designed for the Macy's Thanksgiving Day parade in New York City.
Japan Times
Nov 7, 2019
Yayoi Kusama: The underdog story of a Japanese art maverick
A documentary tells the story of Yayoi Kusama's battles with racism, sexism and mental illness during her 70-plus years of creating art.
Japan Times
Oct 26, 2018
Yayoi Kusama and Takashi Murakami consider legal action against fake exhibitions in China
Exhibitions of works passed off as those by renowned Japanese artists Yayoi Kusama and Takashi Murakami have been held in China recently, and the two artists are considering legal action to seek criminal charges, their lawyers have said.
Japan Times
Jun 9, 2018
For curator Yayoi Motohashi, no exhibit detail is too small
Museum curator Yayoi Motohashi on how she approaches exhibit design, her favorite works of art and a few guilty pleasures.
Japan Times
Jun 3, 2018
Yayoi Kusama in Jakarta: She'll be your mirror
"Life is the Heart of a Rainbow," the Yayoi Kusama exhibition now on at the Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art in Jakarta, is the first retrospective of the artist Indonesia has ever hosted.
Japan Times
May 9, 2018
Buy what you like, sell what the market fancies: Top collectors reveal how to make a fortune in art
Andy Warhol once said: "Making money is art." But what about making money from art?
Japan Times
Feb 20, 2018
The best pick and mix of modern art
The current exhibition at the Hara Museum of Contemporary Art could be considered a retrospective of Toshio Hara's career as a collector. Surprisingly, given that the museum was founded in 1979, it's the first time that the director and president has personally curated a show there, and the title is the pretty no-nonsense: "My Favorites: Toshio Hara Selects from the Permanent Collection."
Japan Times
Dec 12, 2017
It has been a year of new museums, galleries and inventive renovations
From polka-dot emporiums and oceanfront observatories to a new-generation castle museum, a raft of eclectic new cultural spaces have been showcased over the past year across Japan. Here are a few highlights that have either opened or been renovated across the country in recent months.


Hideo Shimoju points to a possible site that his fellow neighbors may relocate to. Such relocations have happened before, but not preemptively.
In disaster-prone Japan, some communities consider major moves