| Jan 25, 2017

Abe once again haunted by 'amakudari' issue

In a flashback to his short-lived first term in 2006-07, Prime Minister Shinzo Abe is being grilled by opposition parties over the issue of government agencies' support for retiring senior bureaucrats taking lucrative jobs in industries they formerly oversaw, a practice called amakudari. The old ...

Oct 30, 2015

Waseda to strip biologist Obokata of doctorate

Waseda University in Tokyo is set to revoke the doctoral degree of Haruko Obokata, the biologist who rocked the scientific community by fabricating data during highly touted research on stem cells, sources familiar with the matter said Friday. The former Riken researcher was last October ...

Student group's pandemics study wins Japan Times award

Jul 16, 2015

Student group's pandemics study wins Japan Times award


A student group addressing the growing threat of pandemic diseases in the age of globalization received the grand prize for this summer's presentations in The Japan Times Youth Project. Nineteen university students, divided into three groups, delivered in-depth 10-minute presentations at the company's head office ...