Business Aug 13, 2014

Life insurers to show criteria for voting as shareholders

Major life insurers will release by the end of this month guidelines detailing how they will try to reflect their opinions at shareholders' meetings for the companies in which they hold stakes, industry sources said Wednesday. The move is in line with recent guidelines set ...

National / Politics Jul 13, 2013

Vote-stripped homeless left in election limbo

Despite having Japanese citizenship, homeless people cannot exercise voting rights guaranteed by the Constitution because they can't register their temporary accommodations as official places of residence. There are no signs the situation will be taken up by candidates in the July 21 House of Councilors ...

Denying suffrage to wards said 'excessive'

National Mar 16, 2013

Denying suffrage to wards said 'excessive'

Even though Japan's adult guardianship system may be necessary to protect the assets of those who need additional attention due to their mental state, experts says stripping them of their suffrage is an excessive infringement of rights.