/ Aug 15, 2014

Vodka: market riches after communism's fall


Early on, Russia's Yeltsin government (1991-1999) imposed heavy tariffs on the import of medicines and staples while granting societies of the handicapped and sports clubs the ability to import vodka without tariffs. It marked a new era in the country's economic history.

/ Aug 12, 2014

How vodka limits hastened the USSR's demise


When the Soviet Union finally disintegrated at the end of 1991, Boris Yeltsin, the new Russian leader, decided not to repeat Mikhail Gorbachev's error of restricting access to vodka. Some say it was Gorbachev's sober way of life — and his attempt to impose ...

/ Aug 11, 2014

Impact of a vodka glass on history


Toward the start of the 1970s, the Soviet government realized there was nothing it could do about the supposedly enthusiastic "builders of communism" imbibing huge quantities of vodka. Hence, the Soviet government figured it might as well make more money off the habit.