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Japan Times
Dec 3, 2013
U.N. human rights chief joins chorus urging secrecy law safeguards
The top U.N. human rights official urged Japan on Monday to heed public concerns raised at home and abroad over a bill to toughen penalties for leakers of state secrets.
Japan Times
JAPAN / Politics
Oct 18, 2013
Japanese-American takes U.S. Pacific fleet helm
The U.S. Navy has chosen its first Japanese-American to lead the Pacific Fleet, a spokesman said Thursday.
Oct 14, 2013
Japan says parts export to U.K. navy not illegal
Japan has approved the sale of engine parts for use by the British Royal Navy, saying it would not violate arms exports by Tokyo, press reports said Monday.
Japan Times
Sep 22, 2013
Vetting firms 'rush' through security clearances
When Ileana Privetera started working for the contractor USIS, the firm that vetted National Security Agency leaker Edward Snowden and Washington Navy Yard shooter Aaron Alexis, it sounded like the perfect job. A mother, she would have flexible hours for her family, and she would be helping the country...
Sep 22, 2013
Challenges to India's indigenous naval buildup
Last month India became the fifth nation with the capability to design and build its own aircraft carrier. Even so, India's indigenous naval achievements face challenges.
WORLD / Crime & Legal
Sep 22, 2013
Shooter's erratic, violent behavior overlooked
Aaron Alexis' erratic and violent behavior was ignored, overlooked or dismissed for nine years by police, the military, the Department of Veterans Affairs and his employer, creating a series of missed opportunities that might have stopped the Washington Navy Yard gunman, according to records and interviews...
Japan Times
WORLD / Crime & Legal / FOCUS
Sep 22, 2013
Alexis was atypical Buddhist
Aaron Alexis had a gold Buddha in his room, a regular meditation practice and a gun with him "at all times," according to a friend.
WORLD / Crime & Legal
Sep 19, 2013
Capitol Police were ordered to leave Navy Yard
U.S. Capitol Police officials are reviewing reports that tactical team members were ordered to leave the scene after they responded to Monday's shooting at the Washington Navy Yard.
Japan Times
WORLD / Crime & Legal / FOCUS
Sep 18, 2013
For world, U.S. gun violence is new norm
Jimmy Davis, a 41-year-old London disc jockey, was saddened when he heard about the latest mass shooting in the United States. But like much of the world after the attack Monday at Washington's Navy Yard, he was no longer shocked.
Japan Times
Sep 17, 2013
First confusion, then 'we just started running'
Standing at an ATM in the first-floor atrium of the building where she works at the Washington Navy Yard, Patricia Ward was startled by a rapid succession of sharp noises that seemed to come from overhead.
Japan Times
Events / Events Outside Tokyo
May 10, 2013
'Curry town' to host a festival
The city of Yokosuka, Kanagawa Prefecture, is known by many as "curry town." The port city claims that the curry rice dish that is commonly consumed in Japan spread from its kitchens, as it had a close connection to the Imperial Japanese Navy, which adopted curry from the British Royal Navy in the Meiji...
Feb 25, 2013
Endless effects of 'pacification' wars
Unnecessary U.S. wars in the Middle East have unintended consequences at home just as Japan's war against China still casts its shadows to this day.
Jan 22, 2013
U.S. sailor arrested for trespassing
A 20-year-old U.S. Navy sailor was arrested Monday on suspicion of trespassing at a house in Yokosuka, Kanagawa Prefecture.
Sep 5, 2011
Japan in a European club?
Hitherto unknown and self-styled "loach" Yoshihiko Noda must learn to swim in an ocean of problems as Japan's new prime minister of the year. He has more than a plateful of domestic issues, but he should also realize, as his predecessors forgot, that Japan needs to re-engage the world if it is to find...


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