National Nov 2, 2020

Japanese police suspect Vietnamese group stole hundreds of pigs

Police suspect involvement of a group of Vietnamese behind the disappearance of hundreds of pigs and chickens, as well as thousands of pears and peaches, from farms this year in eastern Japan. In connection with a series of suspected thefts of livestock and fruits in ...

Examining the cold hard facts of dependency

National / Media | BIG IN JAPAN Feb 8, 2020

Examining the cold hard facts of dependency

by Michael Hoffman

Everybody's hooked on something. What's life without its little pleasures? Mere struggle for survival. Smokers crave nicotine, coffee-drinkers caffeine, gamers games. The pursuit of happiness takes many forms. Society approves of most, frowns on others. Some it bans outright. One Golden Week morning in 2016, ...