Ballet's dance with the avant-garde

Art Aug 21, 2014

Ballet's dance with the avant-garde

by Mio Yamada

On May 29, 1913, the Theatre des Champs-Elysees in Paris witnessed what has become a tale of artistic scandal re-told and exaggerated to almost mythic proportions. It is said that just seconds after the stage curtain was raised, the Ballet Russes' performance of Igor ...

Making sense of medieval avatars

Art Jun 13, 2013

Making sense of medieval avatars

by C.B. Liddell

The Western model of sexual equality — one that drives women to focus on careers but also contributes to lower birthrates — may not be an entirely unmixed blessing, but the roots of the West's gender attitudes run deep and stem from some interesting ...

Commentary / World Oct 31, 2011

Saudi Arabia's old regime grows older

by Fivb and Mai Yamani

The contrast between the deaths, within two days of each other, of Libya's Col. Moammar Gadhafi and Saudi Crown Prince Sultan bin Abdel Aziz is one of terminal buffoonery versus decadent gerontocracy. And their demise is likely to lead to very different outcomes: liberation ...

Editorials Jul 21, 2008

Toning down the convenience

In an attempt to help reduce carbon dioxide emissions, some local governments are planning to ask convenience stores to rethink their round-the-clock operations. If fully implemented, fewer business hours would have a great impact on people's lifestyles. As a first step, though, it would ...