Jun 21, 2017

German teenagers shoot at Thai king with rubber pellets

Thailand's king was targeted by two teenagers firing rubber pellets while he was cycling in southern Germany's Bavaria, prosecutors told AFP on Wednesday. "I can confirm that on June 10 at around 11 p.m., two young boys aged 13 and 14 fired rubber pellets with ...

All teen suspects in Saitama slaying deny murderous intent

/ Aug 29, 2016

All teen suspects in Saitama slaying deny murderous intent

All five teenagers arrested last week for allegedly killing a 16-year-old boy in Saitama Prefecture have denied murderous intent while admitting that they physically assaulted him, according to investigative sources. But because their statements have been inconsistent since they were arrested, investigators are still trying ...

Dec 14, 2015

Australian teenager pleads guilty to 'terrorism' charge

A Melbourne teen arrested after police found explosives at his home pleaded guilty on Monday to a terrorism-related charge, highlighting concerns about youth radicalization following last week's arrest of a 15-year-old Sydney boy in police raids. The 17-year-old was planning an attack using improvised explosive ...