On the money: Hitting TV where it hurts

/ | Apr 23, 2016

On the money: Hitting TV where it hurts


Earlier this month, the Association of Television Viewers Who Demand Compliance With the Broadcast Law announced that it may launch a "national campaign" targeting TBS, which it accuses of biased news reporting. Should the broadcaster fail to address the accusation, the association will ask ...

/ Mar 15, 2016

TBS reporter arrested for alleged shoplifting

Police said Tuesday they have arrested a Tokyo Broadcasting System political reporter on suspicion of shoplifting food items at a supermarket in Tokyo's Minato Ward. Shoichi Shirahata, 38, was arrested on the spot for allegedly taking a package of broiled eel and two other food ...

Feb 19, 2015

TBS apologizes again for show's seemingly disparaging content

TBS television has apologized again for airing seeimngly inappropriate content in a January program. In the "Suiyobi no Downtown" ("Downtown of Wednesday") weekly talk show featuring the popular comedy duo Downtown, the nationwide network apologized for "causing misunderstanding among the audience" in the episode that ...

Turner Broadcasting offering buyouts

Aug 27, 2014

Turner Broadcasting offering buyouts

The corporate parent of CNN, TNT and TBS on Tuesday offered voluntary buyouts to 600 veteran employees, part of an overall cost-cutting effort at the Atlanta-based broadcasting company founded by Ted Turner. The offer went out to U.S.-based employees who are over 55 and have ...