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JAPAN / Crime & Legal
Jul 14, 2017
Japanese man busted in South Korea believed part of Hong Kong gold-smuggling ring
A 24-year-old Japanese man and a 49-year-old South Korean man were arrested recently on suspicion of smuggling 70 kg of gold bars worth 3.5 billion won (about $3 million, ¥339 million) into South Korea, customs authorities said Thursday.
JAPAN / Crime & Legal
Feb 23, 2017
Alleged smugglers held after ¥16 billion in Mexico-linked stimulants seized in Yokohama
Several alleged smugglers are being held in connection with about 230 kg of stimulants seized at Yokohama port, investigative sources said.
JAPAN / Crime & Legal
Feb 21, 2017
Rakuten worker arrested for allegedly smuggling drugs from Taiwan
A 39-year-old employee of Japanese e-commerce giant Rakuten Inc. has been arrested on charges of attempting to smuggle a stimulant drug from Taiwan into Japan, police said Tuesday.
JAPAN / Crime & Legal
Sep 8, 2016
Volume of smuggled drugs seized in Japan up sixfold in first half of 2016
The amount of stimulant drugs seized in smuggling cases by Japanese police soared to 771.7 kg in the first half of 2016, about 6.5 times the volume reported in the same period the previous year, preliminary police data showed Thursday.
Japan Times
JAPAN / Crime & Legal
Sep 5, 2016
Three Taiwanese men arrested in Tokyo over 154-kg drug haul
Tokyo police and customs officials served fresh arrest warrants on three Taiwanese men Monday for allegedly smuggling about 154 kg of stimulant drugs into Japan.
JAPAN / Crime & Legal
Jul 14, 2016
Rare smuggled 'crocodile newts' Okinawa-bound after being smuggled to Belgium
Nine rare Japanese "crocodile newts," smuggled to Belgium last year after being illegally collected in Okinawa, were returned home Wednesday in Japan's first case of inbound wildlife repatriation, the culmination of months of efforts by Japanese and Belgian conservationists.
JAPAN / Crime & Legal
Jun 9, 2016
Yakuza, pilot, four others arrested over 110 kg in undeclared gold seized on arrival at Naha
Six men including a member of a major yakuza syndicate were arrested Wednesday on suspicion of smuggling around 110 kg of gold worth ¥480 million ($4.46 million) into Japan last December aboard a private jet that landed at Naha airport in Okinawa, police said.
JAPAN / Crime & Legal
Oct 13, 2015
Japanese inmate in Indonesian jail on drug charges commits suicide
A Japanese man who was serving an 18-year sentence in an Indonesian prison for drug trafficking was found dead Sunday, apparently after committing suicide, police said.
Japan Times
Jul 16, 2015
China crackdown on meat smuggling stokes risky underground, unfrozen trade
On a dusty industrial lot in northern Hong Kong, a group of travelers sheltered in the shade away from the pressing July heat, packing old cloth bags and backpacks with Styrofoam to protect a more precious cargo: smuggled meat.
Japan Times
BUSINESS / Companies / FOCUS
Jul 2, 2015
Loss of Toyota's first female executive is blow to Japan's diversity drive
The resignation of Toyota Motor Corp.'s first female executive, who lasted just 90 days in the job, is a blow to Toyota's drive to make management ranks more international and accepting of female executives.
Japan Times
JAPAN / Crime & Legal
May 12, 2015
Chongryon chief's son arrested over suspected N. Korea mushroom imports
Police arrest three men, including the son of the head of the pro-Pyongyang group Chongryon, on suspicion of illegally importing a shipment of matsutake mushrooms from North Korea.
Japan Times
Apr 8, 2015
20 stone-throwing sandalwood smugglers reported killed by police in south India; rights activists outraged
Indian police shot dead 20 stone-throwing sandalwood smugglers on Tuesday during the biggest operation for years to stamp out trafficking of the rare commodity, law-enforcement authorities said.
JAPAN / Crime & Legal
Feb 20, 2015
Two Japanese held at Bangkok airport with horde of exotic animals
Thai customs officials arrested two Japanese men Friday at Bangkok's Suvarnabhumi Airport as they allegedly tried to smuggle exotic and endangered animals to Japan.
WORLD / Crime & Legal
Feb 12, 2015
Australia seeks last-ditch deal to save pair from execution in Indonesia
Australia is pursuing a last-ditch deal with Indonesia to save two of its citizens from imminent execution on drugs charges, Foreign Minister Julie Bishop said on Thursday, in a case that threatens to strain already fragile relations.
WORLD / Crime & Legal
Feb 12, 2015
Afghan Taliban smuggling drugs and gems like mafia: U.N. report
Afghanistan's Taliban Islamist movement is increasingly financed by criminal enterprises including heroin laboratories, illegal ruby and emerald mines and kidnapping, making negotiated peace harder, according to a report for the U.N. Security Council.
JAPAN / Crime & Legal
Feb 6, 2015
Police used wiretaps in 10 investigations in 2014
Police last year intercepted telecommunications during investigations of 10 cases, leading to 72 arrests, the Justice Ministry said Friday.
JAPAN / Crime & Legal
Aug 29, 2014
Chinese prosecutors call for death penalty in Aichi politician's drug trial
Prosecutors in the trial of a 70-year-old Japanese politician accused of attempting to smuggle illegal drugs out of China called for the death penalty to be considered as an option for sentencing if he is convicted.
Japan Times
JAPAN / Politics
Aug 26, 2014
Aichi politician goes on trial in China in drug case
The trial of a 70-year-old Aichi politician accused of attempting to smuggle illegal drugs out of China last year pleaded innocent at the start of his trial Tuesday at a court in the southern city of Guangzhou.
JAPAN / Crime & Legal
Jul 29, 2014
China indicts Japanese politician for drug smuggling
Chinese prosecutors have indicted a Japanese politician for carrying illegal drugs last year at an airport in the country, a source said Tuesday.
JAPAN / Crime & Legal
Mar 26, 2014
Vietnamese cabin attendant arrested on suspicion of smuggling
A 25-year-old female cabin attendant for Vietnam Airlines has been arrested on suspicion of attempting to smuggle stolen goods into Vietnam, Tokyo police said Wednesday.


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