Editorials Jan 22, 2015

Testing elderly drivers for dementia

The National Police Agency will propose a revision to the traffic law to have drivers at least 75 years old who are suspected of suffering from senile dementia submit a medical certificate to the police indicating whether they should be allowed to keep driving.

Editorials Nov 12, 2014

Improving dementia care

The government must make greater efforts to to enable people with dementia to live as normally as possible for as long as possible.

Editorials Apr 21, 2014

A need for special nursing homes

The number of elderly people suffering from senile dementia and other conditions that require critical nursing care is rising, yet Japan faces a serious shortage of facilities that can provide such care.

Editorials Feb 20, 2013

Making senior facilities safer

Japan's central and local governments must find out why fires at four group homes for the elderly have resulted in at least 28 deaths since 2006.