Rino Sashihara tops annual AKB48 popularity poll

Entertainment News Jun 10, 2013

Rino Sashihara tops annual AKB48 popularity poll

Rino Sashihara on Saturday captured the coveted No. 1 spot within the all-female pop group AKB48 and its sister groups in this year's popularity vote. Sashihara, 20, who last year moved from AKB48 to HKT48, a sister group based in Fukuoka, southwestern Japan, garnered 150,570 ...

Commentary / World Aug 24, 2011

1991 USSR coup attempt's steep cost

by Mikhail Gorbachev

Twenty years ago this weekend, a group of Communist Party Politburo members and Soviet government officials attempted a coup d'état. They created an unconstitutional "committee on the state of emergency," isolated the Soviet president and removed him from power. The events of that August were ...