Editorials Mar 19, 2014

Riken's credibility on the line

The prestigious government-backed Riken Research Institute finds itself in the awkward spot of defending its credibility as a science institute after "grave errors" were found in two recent papers describing a possible new method for creating pluripotent stem cells.

Editorials Mar 12, 2014

Was breakthrough premature?

Questions and suspicions have challenged the validity of a Japanese scientific paper that reported in January on a method for reprogramming body tissue cells into stem cells by simply exposing them to acidic liquids.

Editorials Feb 15, 2014

Helping female researchers soar

Dr. Haruko Obokata, 30, deserves all the global attention she has received for her breakthrough method in creating stem cells. How many other talented Japanese women out there could make great contributions to scientific research if they were judged by their motivation and ...