Aug 11, 2017

Swiss referendum in works for at least four weeks of paternity leave

Swiss petitioners have successfully collected enough signatures to launch a nationwide referendum that would grant new fathers at least 20 days of paid paternity leave, up from one day today, the government said Thursday. The issue strikes at the heart of the work-life balance debate ...

Scotland takes a step toward new independence vote

Mar 14, 2017

Scotland takes a step toward new independence vote

Scotland's announcement Monday that it will begin preparations for a new independence bid raised the specter of one of Brexit's most feared consequences — the break-up of the United Kingdom. First Minister Nicola Sturgeon said she will seek the semiautonomous Scottish parliament’s authority next week ...

/ Feb 8, 2017

Poll shows support for Scottish independence rising

Support for Scottish independence rose after the British Prime Minister came out in favor of the U.K. making a clean break with the European Union, a BMG survey for Herald Scotland showed. The survey indicated 49 percent of Scots support independence with 51 percent opposing ...