/ Jun 29, 2018

Crows 'reverse engineer' tools from memory: study

New Caledonian crows use mental pictures to twist twigs into hooks and make other tools, according to a provocative study that suggests the notoriously clever birds pass on successful designs to future generations, a hallmark of culture. "We find evidence for a specific type of ...

Happiness makes hit songs: study

May 17, 2018

Happiness makes hit songs: study

Hit songs today are "happier," more danceable and more likely to be sung by women than songs that fail to make it to the charts, a study into 30 years of musical evolution revealed Wednesday. But also it noted a somber trend: while people clearly ...

/ May 17, 2018

Study links body clock to mood disorders

Messing with the natural rhythm of one's internal clock may boost the risk of developing mood problems ranging from garden-variety loneliness to severe depression and bipolar disorder, researchers said Wednesday. The largest study of its kind, involving more than 91,000 people, also linked interference with ...

/ Apr 27, 2018

Study triples number of known depression genes

A study of nearly half a million people has uncovered 30 new genes linked to depression, tripling the number known to play a role in the debilitating disease. The same enlarged basket of depression genes also underpins other psychiatric disorders, such as schizophrenia, a consortium ...

Night owls risk dying younger, study warns

/ Apr 12, 2018

Night owls risk dying younger, study warns

People who stay up late and have to drag themselves out of bed are likelier to die younger than those who rise and set with the sun, researchers said Thursday. A survey of more than 430,000 people in Britain found that night owls had a ...