Opposition assails Abe over Nishikawa resignation

National / Politics Feb 24, 2015

Opposition assails Abe over Nishikawa resignation

by Mizuho Aoki

Opposition parties refused Tuesday to convene a scheduled session of the Lower House Budget Committee and instead unleashed a salvo of taunts over the surprise resignation of farm minister Koya Nishikawa the day before. Nishikawa resigned over a donation scandal, and opposition parties took the ...

Commentary / World Sep 5, 2011

Japan in a European club?

by Kevin Rafferty

Hitherto unknown and self-styled "loach" Yoshihiko Noda must learn to swim in an ocean of problems as Japan's new prime minister of the year. He has more than a plateful of domestic issues, but he should also realize, as his predecessors forgot, that Japan ...