Tracing James Lee Byars' time in Japan

Books Aug 20, 2017

Tracing James Lee Byars' time in Japan

by Hiroaki Sato

I first met James Lee Byars in Kyoto in early 1967 and, at his invitation, participated in his "performance." At the time I didn't know that he'd been back and forth between Japan and the U.S. for nearly a decade already. I was also ...

Events / Events In Tokyo Jun 26, 2014

Everyone's having a laugh in Kinokuniya

by Akira Okubo

Rakugo, a traditional form of comic storytelling in Japan, deals with anecdotes about human nature. Described as a "performance of imagination," it is usually done on an empty stage with the artist kneeling on a large cushion and acting out the roles of all ...