Ex-PMs visit Hakodate to stop nuke plant

National Oct 29, 2015

Ex-PMs visit Hakodate to stop nuke plant

Former prime ministers Junichiro Koizumi and Morihiro Hosokawa on Thursday visited the northern Japanese city of Hakodate in response to it filing a lawsuit to suspend the construction of a nearby nuclear power plant. The two former prime ministers, who have become stern anti-nuclear campaigners ...

National Dec 16, 2014

J-Power forges ahead with Oma nuclear plant despite local tensions

Electricity Power Development Co. applied Tuesday for safety checks at the Oma nuclear power plant, a facility under construction in Aomori Prefecture slated for startup in fiscal 2021. It is the first time a power producer has sought safety checks on a reactor under construction ...

Editorials Apr 9, 2014

Hakodate's valid nuclear concern

The government and power companies should not dismiss the concerns of muncipalities that could be impacted by nuclear accidents but have no say in their operations.

National Apr 3, 2014

Hakodate sues to halt Oma MOX reactor

Citing safety concerns, the city of Hakodate in Hokkaido on Thursday sued the state and Electric Power Development Co. to halt the construction of a nuclear reactor based on mixed oxide fuel at a plant about 23 km across the sea in Oma, Aomori ...

National Jan 18, 2014

Hakodate to sue to stop nuclear plant construction in Aomori

The mayor of Hakodate said Saturday that his city plans to sue the central government and a utility around March to halt construction of a nuclear plant in nearby Aomori Prefecture. In the lawsuit to be filed at the Tokyo District Court, the Hakodate Municipal ...

Work resumes on Aomori's new Oma nuclear plant

National Mar 12, 2013

Work resumes on Aomori's new Oma nuclear plant

by Chico Harlan

At the remote northwestern tip of a snowy peninsula, beyond a small road of fishing shacks and empty one-story homes, 600 construction workers and engineers are building a brand-new nuclear plant for a country still recovering from the most severe atomic disaster since Chernobyl. The ...

Life Dec 9, 2007

Japan's love affair with Oma's tuna

by Hillel Wright

On Jan. 5, 2001, a 202-kg Pacific bluefin tuna sold at Tokyo's Tsukiji fish market auction for $173,000 ($860 per kilogram), making it the most expensive single fish transaction ever recorded. That Pacific bluefin tuna, known as hon maguro (true tuna) or kuro maguro (black ...