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Feb 20, 2015
Temporary housing; famous siblings; CM of the week: Meiji
The temporary housing built for the survivors of the 2011 earthquake and tsunami is usually depicted as being dark and cold, inhabited by sad people. But according to the NHK regional documentary, "Egao no Kasetsu Jutaku" ("Temporary Housing of Smiling Faces"; NHK-G, Mon., 12:40 a.m.), at least one community...
Japan Times
JAPAN / Society
Jan 17, 2015
'Refugees should have the same opportunities in life as everyone else'
What do Nobel laureate Albert Einstein, composer Frederic Chopin, war photographer Robert Capa and psychoanalyst Sigmund Freud have in common? They were all refugees.
Japan Times
Nov 22, 2014
Gender and Nation in Meiji Japan
Recently the "London Review of Books" described the Khrushchev Thaw — the period, beginning during the mid-1950s, when Russia became a little more open and less draconian — as "expansive and repressive."
Japan Times
Sep 20, 2014
Tezuka field goal puts Keio University Unicorns ahead for good against Meiji University Griffins
Taiyo Tezuka kicked a 28-yard field goal to break a 14-14 tie with 5:14 in the fourth quarter as the Keio University Unicorns rallied to beat the Meiji University Griffins 24-14 on Saturday at Kawasaki Fujimi Stadium.
Japan Times
Sep 13, 2014
Low City, High City
Best known for his translations of "The Tale of Genji" and the fiction of Yasunari Kawabata, for which the author won a Nobel Prize, Edward G. Seidensticker was also an accomplished essayist and historian.
Japan Times
Sep 6, 2014
Waseda edges Meiji in Kanto Collegiate Football League opener
Toshiki Sato kicked a 25-yard field goal with 7 minutes remaining in the final quarter as the Waseda University Big Bears defeated the Meiji University Griffins 16-15 on Saturday at Amino Vital Field in the Kanto Collegiate Football League season opener.
Japan Times
Apr 24, 2014
Obama urges science students to bolster U.S.-Japan ties
Visiting U.S. President Barack Obama expressed hope Thursday that Japanese students will work closely with their U.S. peers to continue their tradition of cooperation over scientific and technological breakthroughs.
Japan Times
Apr 8, 2014
Lost education rescript is found
Linked with prewar militaristic education in Japan, the original 1890 Imperial Rescript on Education issued by Emperor Meiji (1852-1912) has been found about half a century after going missing, the education ministry said Tuesday.
Japan Times
JAPAN / History
Mar 26, 2014
Images of 1896 Sanriku quake found
JAPAN / History
Mar 22, 2014
The sloughing of Japan's corporate skin goes on
"Man is born free and is everywhere in chains."
Oct 26, 2013
Oh, to be blissfully unfree in Nippon's isles . . .
"Freedom." "Liberty." Ringing words. Better than any other, they define modern times. They sparked three early-modern revolutions — England's "Glorious Revolution" (1688), the American Revolution of 1776-83, and the French Revolution beginning around 1789.
Oct 25, 2013
Meiji to halt formula sales in China
Meiji Co. said it will stop selling baby formula in China due to rising material costs and intensified competition.
Japan Times
Oct 16, 2013
The wonderful world of Japanese law: Yōkoso to endless discovery
Having kindly published my intermittent ramblings on Japanese law and the occasional other subject over the years, The Japan Times has seen fit to give me a monthly column.
Japan Times
LIFE / Travel
Aug 3, 2013
The Emperor and the general: a visit to Fushimi Momoyama
On the evening of Sept. 13, 1912, a cart decorated in gold leaf and lacquer and solemnly hauled by a team of oxen left the Imperial Palace in Tokyo along with a phalanx of people carrying banners, torches and weapons and beating drums and gongs. After midnight, a special train left Tokyo Station bound...
BUSINESS / Companies
Jul 26, 2013
Meiji will buy 15% of Thai Life Insurance
Meiji Yasuda Life Insurance Co., the nation's third-biggest life insurer, said it agreed to buy a 15 percent stake in closely held Thai Life Insurance PCL to meet rising demand in the Southeast Asian nation.
BUSINESS / Companies
Jul 17, 2013
Meiji Yasuda angling for 15% of Thai insurer
Meiji Yasuda Life Insurance Co. is in the final stages of talks to acquire a 15 percent stake in Thai Life Insurance Co. in what would be one of the biggest investments ever in Asia by a Japanese life insurer, sources said Wednesday.
Jun 23, 2013
The 'barbarians' were coming — like it or not
'Sonnō jōi!": "Revere the Emperor, expel the barbarians!"
Mar 28, 2013
R-E-S-P-E-C-T: Find out what it means to indie's new talent
It's 6 a.m. and the tiny studio is crammed full of people and reeks of sweat. An ear-splitting punk trio do their best to blast the ceiling off and a woman wrapped in nothing but a bit of Duct tape careers around the room, shrieking into a microphone.
Japan Times
Jan 19, 2013
Meiji Japanese who sought to improve China
ASIA FOR THE ASIANS: China in the Lives of Five Meiji Japanese, by Paula S. Harrell. Merwin Asia, 2012, 407 pp., $35 (paperback)
Japan Times
Aug 5, 2012
David Atkinson: Ancient Japan captures money man's interest
David Atkinson was still in his 20s when he rose to fame as a Japan-based banking analyst with the U.S. investment bank Salomon Brothers, prior to him moving to Goldman Sachs.


Father's Day is said to have come to Japan around 1950, shortly after the establishment of Mother's Day.
The evolving nature of fatherhood in Japan