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The Man effigy looms over the Burning Man encampment after a severe rainstorm left tens of thousands of revelers stranded in mud in the festival's Black Rock City in the Nevada desert.
Sep 8, 2023
Burning Man 2023 is a climate-crisis parable
At first, Burning Man festivalgoers shunned environmental protesters. Then the climate crisis, and extraordinary rains, caught up with them.
A Burning Man participant walks their bike through mud near the exit, after a severe rainstorm left tens of thousands of revelers attending the annual festival stranded in mud in Black Rock City in the Nevada desert.
WORLD / Society
Sep 4, 2023
Amid rain and mud, climactic ‘burn’ is delayed at Burning Man festival
Events have tested the resolve of participants, who were told to conserve food and water, at the more than three-decade-old festival.
A rainbow at the site of this year’s Burning Man festival in the Black Rock Desert in Nevada
WORLD / Society
Sep 4, 2023
What is Burning Man, and why have Paris Hilton and Elon Musk shown up?
The festival has been described as a site of countercultural revelry that draws both hippies and Silicon Valley types.
Japan Times
BUSINESS / Markets
Apr 20, 2023
Man Group shares Warren Buffett’s renewed optimism for Japanese stocks
Stocks in Japan are primed to outpace global peers this year as improving corporate-governance standards and the central bank’s potential policy normalization burnish the nation’s appeal.
Japan Times
Nov 6, 2022
'Our Man in Tokyo': An ambassador's view of a decade of turbulence
Through diary entries, diplomatic dispatches and firsthand accounts, biographer Steve Kemper explores the pivotal years leading up to World War II from the perspective of Joseph Grew.
Japan Times
Feb 5, 2022
The dystopian society of ‘Monkey Man’ delivers a surreal sci-fi parable
Takuji Ichikawau2019s novella presents a fully realized world within its short span, with connections and contrasts to our world that are at turns bold and subtle.
Japan Times
Feb 3, 2022
The devils you know: Three ‘Spider-Man’ villains return in ‘No Way Home’
Willem Dafoe, Alfred Molina and Jamie Foxx talk about reprising their bad-guy roles in the blockbuster sequel.
Japan Times
CULTURE / TV & Streaming
Dec 25, 2021
Johnny's pop stars get pumped for 'Sasuke'
Members from Snow Man, A.B.C-Z, 7 Men Samurai and Shonen Ninja take on the ultimate physical challenge.
Japan Times
Dec 24, 2021
Escapist bops and deep pop: Music was a mood in 2021
After a year in which Japan's music industry had to make its peace with streaming, this year saw more of the holdouts get on board with the times.
Japan Times
JAPAN / Media / Japan Pulse
Dec 19, 2021
YouTuber gets hit with copyright claims, but is it Toei who’s out of line?
While companies have a right to protect their intellectual property, they should still realize the media landscape is changing.
Japan Times
Dec 16, 2021
‘Struggling Man’: Average Joe doesn’t quite move the needle
Toshio Leeu2019s comedy about a company man who genuinely cares about those around him while harboring insecurities about his work and home life mostly deals in broad humor and cliches.
Japan Times
Feb 9, 2021
New trends in 'J-vlogging' allow for a more diverse range of views on Japan
YouTubers based in Japan are focusing less on the "slice of life" videos that defined past content and are catering to smaller communities within the non-Japanese audience.
Japan Times
Feb 6, 2021
Literary manga ‘The Man Without Talent’ speaks volumes in hermetic angst
The work of Yoshiharu Tsuge, one of Japanu2019s masters of literary manga, is now available in English thanks to translator Ryan Holmberg.
Japan Times
Aug 8, 2020
‘Diary of a Mad Old Man’: This quick read reveals the realities of lust
Junichiro Tanizakiu2019s final novel is a tragicomic tale about a man coming to terms with his ailing body and uncontrollable libido.
Japan Times
Jul 11, 2020
Pac-Man: How a faceless character based on eating changed video game history
Examining the cultural and commercial legacy of Japanu2019s iconic arcade game on its 40th anniversary.
Japan Times
Jul 4, 2020
Healing from the horrors of war in ‘The Garden of Evening Mists’
Tan Twan Engu2019s evocative novel about loss, art and memory was shortlisted for a Man Booker Prize in 2012.
Japan Times
Mar 14, 2020
Hong Kong 'Umbrella Movement' leader Chan Kin-man is freed from prison
Hong Kong democracy activist Chan Kin-man walked free from prison on Saturday saying he had no regrets for his leading role in the 2014 "Umbrella Movement" civil disobedience movement and that sacrifice was needed to achieve universal suffrage.
Japan Times
Oct 29, 2019
Nobel laureate Akira Yoshino among six selected for Japan's top cultural award
Akira Yoshino, one of three winners of this year's Nobel Prize in chemistry, and five other people were selected as this year's recipients of the Order of Culture, the government said Tuesday.
Japan Times
Oct 24, 2019
Ang Lee: The filmmaker decades ahead of his time
Filmmaker Ang Lee has dedicated himself to filming in high-resolution and 3D, techniques that most cinemas are not yet equipped to handle
Japan Times
Sep 4, 2019
Ogre You Asshole's album 'New Kind of Man' proves the band is more than just a quirky name
The new album from Ogre You Asshole draws on funk, beach rhythms and '90s video game soundtracks to deliver a chilled-out, laid-back long player


Hideo Shimoju points to a possible site that his fellow neighbors may relocate to. Such relocations have happened before, but not preemptively.
In disaster-prone Japan, some communities consider major moves