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P&G Japan's Gel Ball, a liquid detergent wrapped in a water-soluble transparent film
BUSINESS / Companies
Oct 23, 2023
Race to develop new laundry detergent heats up in Japan
Manufacturers are racing to offer detergent products that come in single washing amounts and do not require measurement.
Japan Times
LIFE / Style & Design / ON: DESIGN
Feb 18, 2023
Japan’s award-winning travel goods make any trip a breeze
Don't even think about leaving home without these mindfully produced travel essentials.
Japan Times
Dec 24, 2017
Laundromats tap smartphones to offer payment service and info on open machines
A coin-laundry chain has launched a smartphone information service to help customers make more efficient use of laundromats as the industry enjoys a resurgence in demand from people juggling hectic schedules.
Japan Times
LIFE / Style & Design / ON: DESIGN
Sep 3, 2017
It's all about the convenience
Always in the fast lane? Here are some neat ideas for those who don't like to fuss around.
Japan Times
Jun 26, 2017
Tokyo venture's laundry-folding robot will set you back about ¥2 million
A Tokyo-based venture firm has started accepting orders for a laundry-folding robot to be priced at around ¥2 million.
Japan Times
LIFE / Lifestyle
Dec 26, 2015
'Ōsōji': ways to keep your home spick and span
Three experts discuss their philosophy on the New Year's chore that everybody loves — cleaning.
Japan Times
Sep 24, 2015
Laundry firm's flexibility cited as reason why single moms don't quit
Since joining the laundering company Kikuya in 1995, Akemi Hirayama says she has never missed a day of work.
Japan Times
Dec 7, 2013
Patrick Harlan: 'Learn to laugh at yourself'
“Everything in moderation, including moderation.” These are words I strive to live by. Don't work, play, eat or think too much.


Historically, kabuki was considered the entertainment of the merchant and peasant classes, a far cry from how it is regarded today.
For Japan's oldest kabuki theater, the show must go on