Change in stable can revive wrestlers' careers

Sumo | INSIDE SUMO Dec 5, 2018

Change in stable can revive wrestlers' careers

by John Gunning

Takakeisho, winner of this year's Kyushu tournament, was pictured alongside his stablemaster on Nov. 26 holding up a large red sea bream and drinking sake from an outsized trophy at a celebratory event. While there was nothing noteworthy in the scene itself — such parties ...

Sumo Jul 27, 2015

Veteran Kyokutenho retires from sumo

Veteran Mongolian-born maegashira Kyokutenho, who has wrestled in a record 1,470 bouts in the elite makuuchi division, on Monday announced his retirement as an active sumo wrestler, saying he has reached his physical limit. "I have run out of strength and don't have the spirit ...