'Kingdom': An admirable try at Chinese history

Film / Reviews Apr 17, 2019

'Kingdom': An admirable try at Chinese history

by Mark Schilling

Why should Japanese kids care about a manga set in China's Warring States Period, (475-221 B.C.)? The players and power struggles are hard enough for professional historians (and this reviewer) to grasp, let alone 10-year-olds. Yasuhisa Hara found a winning answer in "Kingdom," a manga ...

TV | CHANNEL SURF Jul 1, 2016

'Doctor X'; 'The Man With the Divine Tongue" Kagome

by Philip Brasor

Ryoko Yonekura returns as the genius freelance surgeon Dr. Michiko Daimon in a special two-hour installment of "Doctor X" (TV Asahi, Sun., 9 p.m.). Michiko happens to be in Kanazawa when national politician Aiko Ichinose (Kayako Kishimoto) collapses on the street after an intimate interlude ...