Editorials Mar 9, 2015

A voice for 18-year-olds

It is hoped that lowering Japan's minimum voting age for elections from 20 to 18 — as the Diet now seems certain to approve in time for the Upper House election next year — will encourage political participation by more youths just as Japan ...

Editorials Dec 8, 2014

Amending the Constitution

The political landscape emerging from the Dec. 14 Lower House election will impact when or whether a revision to Japan's Constitution becomes a major agenda item.

Commentary / Japan Oct 2, 2014

Ray of hope for democrats

by Chikako Nakayama

For those Japanese who grumble about low voter turnouts in local and national elections, or who complain about the secretive character of political procedures, the open, democratic process of the recent Scottish referendum on independence was an object of envy.

Editorials Sep 28, 2014

Lower House electoral reform

A panel of experts has begun discussions on addressing Lower House electoral reforms, particularly the vote-value disparity between rural and urban districts, after talks among the ruling and opposition parties failed.

Editorials Sep 24, 2014

New Komeito's raison d'etre

Natsuo Yamaguchi, the just re-elected chief of New Komeito, and other party leaders should realize that if the party fails to ensure that Japan stays on the pacifist road with respect to the passage of new legislation, it will lose its raison d'etre.

Editorials Sep 18, 2014

Time to bridge the vote-value gap

Time is running for lawmakers to correct the "unconstitutional" vote-value gap between constituencies for the next triennial election of the Upper House. Discord with the Liberal Democratic Party over the matter doesn't help.

Editorials Sep 16, 2014

Repairing Japan-China ties

The leaders of China and Japan need to take quick action to repair mutual ties that have unraveled since the Japanese government two years ago nationalized three of the Senkaku Islands — over which China also claims sovereignty.

Editorials Sep 4, 2014

Keep a close eye on new Cabinet

Prime Minister Shinzo Abe has reshuffled executive posts of the Liberal Democratic Party and his Cabinet apparently with the aim of setting up his re-election as the Liberal Democratic Party's president in autumn 2015.

Editorials Jun 9, 2014

Creeping Orwellian angst

Legislative attempts to criminalize the act of "conspiracy" to commit some crimes as well as other government moves are enough to cause anxiety that Japan may be inching toward an Orwellian society.