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Police officers guard the site of a crowd crush in Seoul, on Oct. 30, 2022. Two police officers were sentenced on Wednesday for destroying evidence linked to the disaster on Oct. 29, 2022.
Feb 14, 2024
Two Seoul police officers convicted over deadly Halloween crush
The pair "deleted or arbitrarily destroyed internal reports written prior to the accident and destroyed evidence," a court said.
A woman prays while reading condolence messages attached to the wall of a narrow alley of Itaewon, where the deadly Halloween crush that killed more than 150 in October happened, in Seoul, in December 2022.
ASIA PACIFIC / Crime & Legal
Jan 20, 2024
Seoul police chief charged over deadly Halloween crush
Kim Kwang-ho, head of the Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency, was charged with professional negligence resulting in injury or death.
People attend a vigil on Sunday in Seoul to mark the first anniversary of the tragic crowd crush that killed 159 people during Halloween celebrations in the city's popular Itaewon nightlife area a year ago.
Oct 29, 2023
Families hold mass commemoration for Seoul 2022 crush victims
A year on, victims' families say they are still seeking answers to what went wrong and who was responsible for the deadly crush.
A woman walks past newly unveiled lettering that references the Oct. 29 Itaewon crush in Seoul. A more fully developed memorial was later built to commemorate the event and the more than 150 people who lost their lives.
ASIA PACIFIC / Society / Longform
Oct 27, 2023
One year on, Itaewon's scars remain
A year on from the Itaewon crush, foot traffic in the Seoul neighborhood is picking back up. But what the future of the area is still in doubt.
A banner at the entrance to Shibuya’s Center Street makes it clear this is no place for a party.
PODCAST / deep dive
Oct 26, 2023
The specter of Itaewon has Shibuya spooked
One year on, Elizabeth Beattie joins us to discuss where Itaewon stands after its Halloween disaster, and what its legacy means for celebrations in Japan.
People demonstrate against the government on Nov. 5, 2022, after nearly 160 people died in a crowd crush in Seoul's Itaewon district on Halloween that year.
Oct 21, 2023
Little punishment or change after South Korea’s Halloween calamity
Families of the 159 people crushed to death last year say the government has never acknowledged its mistakes or accepted responsibility.
Japan Times
Nov 7, 2022
South Korea's Yoon vows to hold officials to account after Halloween crush
Yoon, who came to office in May, is seeking to avoid the mistakes of his predecessors, who had been sometimes seen as too slow to respond to disasters.
Japan Times
Nov 6, 2022
A vibrant refuge in Seoul goes quiet after deadly crowd crush
Makeshift altars pay homage to the victims while the government investigates one of the worst peacetime disasters in the country's history.
Japan Times
ASIA PACIFIC / Science & Health
May 8, 2020
South Korea tracks new coronavirus outbreak in Seoul nightclubs
South Korean health authorities are investigating a small but growing coronavirus outbreak centered in a handful of Seoul nightclubs, seeking to keep infections in check as the country moves to less restrictive social distancing measures.


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