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Japan Times
JAPAN / Politics
Apr 24, 2022
LDP candidate wins Upper House by-election in Ishikawa
The LDP win in the Ishikawa by-election could give momentum to the ruling bloc in the run-up to this summer's Upper House vote.
Japan Times
LIFE / Food & Drink / Destination Restaurants 2021
Jan 16, 2022
Every meal at Mekumi feels like an education
When it comes to sushi, what happens before the chef gets hold of the fish is just as important as his or her technique in preparing it.
Japan Times
LIFE / Food & Drink / Destination Restaurants 2021
Dec 19, 2021
A focus on crab and other Hokuriku specialties makes dining at Kataori a sublime experience
All the best chefs search out the finest ingredients, but Takuya Kataori takes this quest to the ultimate extreme.
Japan Times
Feb 20, 2021
Dive into rural Japanese life and get comfortable working with your hands
Part memoir, travelogue, ethnography and cookbook, u201cWater, Wood, and Wild Thingsu201d explores the intricate connections of new and old in a town in balance.
Japan Times
LIFE / Travel
Jan 25, 2019
Must-visit museums in the castle town of Kanazawa
With its well-preserved samurai and geisha districts, various temples and traditional crafts, the castle town of Kanazawa in Ishikawa Prefecture is often nicknamed "Little Kyoto." Although Kenrokuen Garden and the 21st Century Museum of Contemporary Art get the most tourism buzz, the city has many other museums worthy of your time and attention.
Japan Times
JAPAN / Crime & Legal
Mar 15, 2018
Man arrested after stabbing four officials at Kanazawa City Hall
A 33-year-old man in possession of knives was arrested Wednesday after stabbing four officials at Kanazawa City Hall in Ishikawa Prefecture, police said.
Japan Times
Feb 14, 2017
Decorated Olympic swimmer Yamanaka dies at 78
Five-time Olympic medal-winning swimmer and former world-record holder Tsuyoshi Yamanaka died of pneumonia Friday at a Tokyo hospital, his family said. He was 78.
Japan Times
Apr 29, 2016
Salted and dried on Japan's far side
Friendly faces call out greetings as I stroll through the morning market in Wajima on the northern end of Noto Peninsula, Ishikawa Prefecture. I'm a big supporter of the fish sauce and fermented foods sold here, and it seems some vendors have remembered me. There may be less wrinkled women selling their wares here, but a fresh crop of grandchildren have been slowly taking over some of the stalls. There's hope for the future of Wajima's traditional seafood, such as himono (air-dried fish), fish fermented in nuka (rice bran) and ishiru (fermented fish sauce).
Sep 13, 2014
Former NBA big man Ely joins Gunma Crane Thunders
Melvin Ely, the 12th overall pick in the 2002 NBA Draft, has accepted a contract offer to play for the Gunma Crane Thunders for the upcoming season.
Aug 29, 2014
Ishikawa Prefecture awarded bj-league expansion team for 2015-16 season
The bj-league will add a 23rd team for the 2015-16 season, it announced on Friday.
Japan Times
May 18, 2014
World Cup 2014 views from Ishikawa: USA and Australia
A Team USA fan and a Socceroo follower in Komatsu, Ishikawa Prefecture, discuss their teams' prospects in next month's FIFA World Cup in Brazil.


Hideo Shimoju points to a possible site that his fellow neighbors may relocate to. Such relocations have happened before, but not preemptively.
In disaster-prone Japan, some communities consider major moves