National Mar 22, 2017

Panel hears experts on emperor's post-abdication status

A government advisory panel on Wednesday resumed discussions on remaining issues of Emperor Akihito's abdication, including his status after becoming the first living Emperor to relinquish the throne in around 200 years. Four university professors were summoned to the panel's 10th meeting, of which three ...

National / Politics Mar 17, 2017

Diet lawmakers send proposal on Emperor's abdication to Abe

The ruling and opposition parties on Friday adopted the Diet's proposal over Emperor Akihito's possible abdication, calling for the government to enact a special law applying only to him. The lawmakers' consensus on the issue will pave the way for the 83-year-old Emperor to relinquish ...

Editorials Jan 22, 2017

Unaddressed succession issues

One-off legislation may be the easiest way to allow Emperor Akihito to abdicate, but it would leave the issue unresolved for future emperors.