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Japan Times
Jul 8, 2015
Before shinkansen self-immolation, suicidal man phoned Suginami Ward to relate money woes
The 71-year-old Tokyo man who burned himself to death last week on an Osaka-bound shinkansen train called the Suginami Ward office minutes beforehand to say he was having a hard time making ends meet, Kanagawa Prefectural Police have revealed.
JAPAN / Crime & Legal
Jul 5, 2015
Debt woes likely behind fiery shinkansen suicide: sister
The sister of the man who burned himself up on a bullet train last week says receipts show he had been paying off loans for nearly a decade.
Japan Times
JAPAN / Crime & Legal
Jul 1, 2015
Man who self-immolated on shinkansen 'couldn't live on pension,' says neighbor
The 71-year-old man who burned himself to death aboard a speeding bullet train had repeatedly complained that his pension wasn't enough to live on, his neighbor says.
JAPAN / Crime & Legal
Jan 5, 2015
Wakayama father held for torching son in car
Police on Sunday arrested a 71-year-old man in Wakayama on suspicion of attempting to burn his 40-year-old son to death.
Dec 8, 2014
Woman dead, man in critical condition after apparent self-immolation
A woman died and a man was listed in critical condition after they were found aflame Sunday evening on a street in Ichikawa, Chiba Prefecture, police said.
Japan Times
Jul 5, 2014
Fiery Shinjuku protest goes global without NHK
Until the Great East Japan Earthquake, social media didn't have much purchase on Japanese social life. But disasters are transformative, and in a country where the mass media is cautious about its role vis-a-vis the authorities, social media came into its own after the tsunami and meltdown.
Jul 5, 2014
Shinjuku self-immolation act protests Abe's democracy hijack
Last week a man set himself on fire next to Shinjuku Station to reportedly protest Prime Minister Shinzo Abe's bid to lift constitutional constraints on Japan's military forces. It was a gruesome spectacle captured on numerous smartphone videos and disseminated on social media. Good thing because the mainstream media practically ignored the most extraordinary act of political protest in the quarter century that I have lived in Japan. NHK news didn't even mention the event, apparently playing by Pyongyang rules: Ignore the ugly truths that discredit the powers that be.
Jul 4, 2014
Hokkaido politician upbraided for tweets about protester who set himself on fire
Hokkaido Prefectural Assemblyman Masaru Onodera was reprimanded Thursday for making offensive comments about a man who set himself on fire to protest Prime Minister Shinzo Abe's drive to loosen constraints on the Self-Defense Forces earlier this week.


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