Ikata nuclear plant's No. 3 reactor begins generating power

National Aug 15, 2016

Ikata nuclear plant's No. 3 reactor begins generating power

The Ikata nuclear plant began generating electricity Monday, ahead of its planned reconnection to the grid on Sept. 7, operator Shikoku Electric Power Co. said. The plant in Ehime Prefecture is one of only two nuclear power stations currently operating in Japan, despite the government ...

National Oct 10, 2015

Second reactor heads for restart after nod from Ehime assembly

The Ehime Prefectural Assembly consented Friday to a plan to restart a nuclear power plant despite lingering safety concerns from the 2011 Fukushima core meltdowns. The acceptance of a petition for reactivating the No. 3 reactor at Shikoku Electric Power Co.'s Ikata plant and the ...

National / Politics Nov 17, 2014

Tokihiro Nakamura wins second term as Ehime governor

Tokihiro Nakamura was re-elected governor of Ehime Prefecture on Sunday, defeating a challenger backed by the Japanese Communist Party to secure a second four-year term. The focus of the campaign was limited to Nakamura's handling of prefectural affairs. Regarding the potential restart of Shikoku Electric Power ...