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A demonstration of a clear-screen translation system is conducted at a counter at Haneda Airport in Tokyo on Tuesday.
Jul 3, 2024
Clear-screen translation system is being tested at Tokyo's Haneda
The translation system is designed to rapidly provide information to foreign travelers and those with hearing difficulties.
Sanuki Kagari Temari sold at a store in Haneda Airport
Jul 2, 2024
Traditional Japanese crafts catching on among tourists at Haneda Airport
Their delicate craftsmanship and colors are attracting many foreign visitors to a specialty store at an airport in Tokyo.
A new post has been proposed for coordinating takeoffs and landings at major airports' traffic controls.
Jun 24, 2024
Japanese ministry proposes new air traffic coordinator post
The new post was drawn up in response to a collision between a Japan Airlines passenger jet and a Japan Coast Guard aircraft at Haneda Airport on Jan. 2.
Staff from ANA group pose during a Tokyo event in February to commemorate the launch of a comic featuring women in airport ground handling roles.
Apr 30, 2024
Japan steps up drive to secure airport ground handling workers
The initiative seeks to ramp up interest in the workforce responsible for ensuring on-time airplane departures behind the scenes.
Star Flyer began allowing owners to bring certain pets into cabins on some routes in 2022.
Feb 15, 2024
Haneda plane collision prompts discussion about pets on flights
Most domestic airlines ban the carrying of pets in airplane cabins, out of consideration for those with allergies.
A Japan Airlines jet is on fire at Haneda Airport in Tokyo on Jan. 2.
BUSINESS / Companies
Feb 7, 2024
Japan air traffic controllers call for 'significant' staff increase
Last year, the number of air traffic control staff in Japan dropped to its lowest level in at least 19 years, according to transport ministry data.
Japan Airlines has reported third-quarter income that beat average analyst estimates.
Feb 2, 2024
JAL expects ¥2 billion in lost revenue due to Haneda jet crash
JAL said Friday the amount also includes losses incurred from having to take the A350 out of service.
JAPAN / History / Japan Times Gone By
Feb 1, 2024
Japan Times 1924: Rescue workers toiling to save eighteen lives
Workers are in the news when, 100 years ago, miners await a rescue and, 50 years later, unified strikes take place.
New electronic stands for immigration and customs are planned to be introduced at Tokyo's Haneda Airport, with a two-month trial starting on Jan. 31.
Jan 25, 2024
Haneda Airport to launch electronic immigration entry stands
Japanese citizens will also have to follow similar steps but will not be required to have their fingerprints taken at the airport.
Police investigators and firefighters examine a burnt-out Japan Coast Guard aircraft on a runway at Tokyo's Haneda airport on Jan. 3, the day after its deadly collision with a Japan Airlines jetliner.
Jan 11, 2024
Japan runway incursion measures not shared suitably with coast guard
In a Jan. 2 collision between a coast guard aircraft and a Japan Airlines jetliner, experts have pointed out the possibility that the former mistakenly entered the runway.
Wreckage from a Japan Airlines jetliner that collided with a Japan Coast Guard aircraft at Tokyo's Haneda Airport in a hangar on Jan. 7
Jan 10, 2024
JAL to preserve part of aircraft from Haneda Airport collision
If the airline goes ahead with the move, it is likely to keep only a selected portion of the remains of its aircraft due to the extensive damage suffered.
A Japan Airlines aircraft taxis past the wreckage of the company's passenger jet that collided with a Japan Coast Guard plane on Jan. 2, at Haneda Airport in Tokyo on Friday.
Jan 9, 2024
Japan unveils new safety measures following Haneda Airport collision
The plan includes changes to how orders should be sent out from the control tower.
A Japan Airlines plane takes off from the reopened Runway C at Tokyo's Haneda Airport on Monday.
Jan 8, 2024
Runway at Tokyo's Haneda reopens after JAL jetliner collision
The runway was reopened after the removal of the wreckage of the Japan Airlines passenger jet and the completion of repairs.
Smoke rises from the wreckage of a Japan Airlines passenger jet that collided Jan. 2 with a Japan Coast Guard plane at Haneda Airport in Tokyo.
Jan 7, 2024
Stop lights out of service at time of Haneda airport collision
The Haneda Airport's C runway has been closed since the accident. It will be reopened Monday, Japan's transport ministry said.
The remains of a shopping district that caught fire in the city of Wajima, Ishikawa Prefecture, due to the New Year's Day earthquake
Jan 5, 2024
Japan ushers in a bruising beginning for 2024
Japan has learned from past disasters and mistakes and must continue to do so.
A photo supplied by a passenger shows passengers evacuating as a Japan Airlines aircraft burns on a runway at Tokyo's Haneda Airport on Tuesday.
Jan 5, 2024
Crew's quick decisions behind safe escape from burning JAL plane
With only three of the eight exits usable, cabin crew had to carry out a rapid evacuation.
Officials work on Tuesday near what appears to be the wreckage of a Japan Coast Guard aircraft that collided with a Japan Airlines plane at Haneda Airport.
Jan 5, 2024
Coast Guard plane stopped on runway for 40 seconds before collision
The coast guard aircraft proceeded onto the runway although it did not gain permission from an air traffic controller, sources said.
Authorities examine the burned wreckage of a Japan Airlines passenger plane at Haneda Airport in Tokyo on Thursday.
Jan 4, 2024
Details emerge about moments before deadly Haneda Airport collision
Key questions remain unanswered as transcript sheds light on communications between control tower and the two jets involved in the accident.
Cancelled or delayed flights are on display at Haneda Airport's departure lobby on Thursday.
Jan 4, 2024
Passengers stranded after Haneda collision forces dozens of cancellations
Haneda Airport kept the affected runway closed on Thursday, leading to cancellations by JAL and ANA that affected several domestic flights.
The burned wreckage of a Japan Airlines passenger plane lies on the tarmac at Tokyo’s Haneda Airport on Wednesday. AFP-JIJI
Jan 4, 2024
One of aviation’s biggest challenges played out on a Tokyo runway
Authorities across the globe are aware of the need to prevent runway incursions — lessons from the Haneda crash may bring us a step closer to eliminating them.


Several support networks have launched to help startup founders in Japan whose native language isn't Japanese.
As Japan's startup ecosystem grows, so does a supportive community of entrepreneurs