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Japan Times
Mar 31, 2014
The Fukushima disaster: Three years on, who's fooling whom?
Japan's new Basic Energy Plan sees nuclear power as an important base load energy source. But whatever 'base load' means politically, the public is lulled — fooled — into a sense that, despite Fukushima, nuclear will remain a logistically viable long-term option.
Japan Times
Mar 22, 2014
Energy debate challenges facade of wa
Torn between his nationalistic instinct to resurrect what he seems to regard as Japan's great bygone days of empire-building and the mundane demands of caring for the pressing needs of his nation, a remarkably caring soul might almost feel sorry for Prime Minister Shinzo Abe during his first months in...
Japan Times
Mar 19, 2014
Tohoku school's plays tell how it is
"We always start creating our next work by having a meeting with everyone involved in the drama club," high school teacher Michiko Ishii explained.
Japan Times
Mar 9, 2014
Clarify your role, prepare before a disaster strikes
When she first arrived in Japan from Ireland in 2008, Sarah Hickey was mostly concerned with adjusting to her new life in Fukushima Prefecture. The Japan Exchange and Teaching (JET) Programme placed her in Iwaki, which is itself a large city, but she found herself near the coast in less metropolitan...
Japan Times
LIFE / Lifestyle
Mar 8, 2014
Still hunting shadows three years after 3/11
One of the great statistical mysteries that persist several years after a natural disaster is the figure that appears without fail each month in columns representing the number of people that are still missing.
Japan Times
Mar 7, 2014
Nagoya students give up time for 3/11 survivors
This month marks the third anniversary of the Great East Japan Earthquake.
Japan Times
Events / Events Outside Tokyo
Mar 6, 2014
Kawasaki commemorates those lost on 3/11
Toro Nagashi, or "lantern floating" is a traditional custom involving the release of candlelit paper lanterns into a river to symbolize the guiding of the souls of the deceased toward peace.
Japan Times
Feb 10, 2014
Tsunami-hit shop has salty sweets
A confectioner whose shop was destroyed by tsunami from the March 2011 mega-quake off Tohoku is targeting the Valentine's Day market with a chocolate flavored by sea salt from the damaged area.
Japan Times
Feb 6, 2014
3/11 study stresses liquefaction risk
Soil liquefaction in the March 2011 earthquake was more widespread than previously thought and not restricted to areas of reclaimed land, disaster risk research shows.
Japan Times
Feb 1, 2014
Bending Adversity: Japan and the Art of Survival
The title of "Bending Adversity: Japan and the Art of Survival" refers to an old Japanese proverb about making the best of a bad situation or transforming crisis into opportunity. Japan is no stranger to crisis, or to monumental "bending," but will the Great East Japan Earthquake in March 2011 serve...
Dec 20, 2013
Abe tries to speed up Fukushima recovery
The Abe administration on Friday aired new policies for speeding up recovery from the 2011 Fukushima disaster that include more financial aid for Tokyo Electric Power Co. and more support for nuclear evacuees seeking new lives elsewhere.
Japan Times
Nov 5, 2013
In good or bad times, title-winning Eagles, fans share special bond throughout Tohoku
The Japan Series-winning run by the Tohoku Rakuten Golden Eagles was one of the best feel-good stories in Japanese pro baseball in 2013.
Japan Times
BASEBALL / Japanese Baseball
Nov 2, 2013
Rock band Monkey Majik provides positive vibes for Tohoku, enjoys passionate following for Golden Eagles
There was magic in the air before Game 6 of the Japan Series.
Japan Times
Sep 7, 2013
Fukushima: health disaster or PR fail?
One thing about having a nuclear accident in a rich country is that at least there is going to be good medical care and long-term monitoring. The repair and clean-up operation is another matter, of course — which is why Japan is currently under pressure to accept help from abroad in fixing the...
Japan Times
Sep 5, 2013
Kobayashi film explores Japan's suicide problem
A folk-singer-turned-filmmaker who went to France in 1981 to apprentice under his idol François Truffaut, Masahiro Kobayashi may have failed in his quest (he couldn't work up the courage to press Truffaut's doorbell), but after returning to Japan became a prolific scriptwriter for pinku (softcore...
Japan Times
Aug 8, 2013
Supporting Tohoku one glass at a time
On a Saturday evening in late July, Wine Aid for East Japan began, appropriately, with a toast. Now in its third year, the event, organized by professionals in the wine industry to raise money for charities in the Tohoku region, featured over 100 premium wines and a buffet showcasing ingredients from...
Japan Times
Aug 7, 2013
Cyndi Lauper is having a great year
Cyndi Lauper is at a loss for words.
Japan Times
Apr 30, 2013
Briton's bus stop makeover in tsunami-hit area just a start
A bus stop bench, in a rather forlorn state, is situated against the backdrop of an idyllic, seaside landscape in Ohara, Miyagi Prefecture, a remote area devastated by the March 2011 earthquake and tsunami.
Japan Times
Apr 2, 2013
Kids at tsunami-hit school keep traditional dances alive
Students at a junior high school in tsunami-hit Miyako, Iwate Prefecture, are making a fresh start in their efforts to keep traditional performing arts alive.
Japan Times
Mar 3, 2013
Trying to get things done in the wake of 3/11
Two years have passed since the magnitude-9 Great East Japan Earthquake of March 11, 2011, the devastating tsunami it triggered and the disgraceful and deadly fiasco at Tokyo Electric Power Co.'s Fukushima No. 1 nuclear power plant that followed.


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