Sumo 101: JSA chairman

Sumo Jul 21, 2019

Sumo 101: JSA chairman

by John Gunning

The Japan Sumo Association's highest authority is the chairman of its board of directors. The current occupant is 56-year-old Hakkaku, who has been in power since 2015. Like the majority of his predecessors, Hakkaku is a former yokozuna. Known as Hokutoumi when at that rank, he won ...

Sumo Feb 1, 2014

Retired ozeki Miyabiyama honored at hair-cutting ceremony

Former ozeki Miyabiyama, who needed just 12 tournaments from his sumo debut before he was promoted to sumo's second-highest rank, had his topknot removed in the traditional hair-cutting ceremony on Saturday. Miyabiyama, who took the coach's name Futagoyama after his retirement following last year's Spring ...