Fujitsu finishes designing Japan's Post-K supercomputer

Business / Corporate Apr 15, 2019

Fujitsu finishes designing Japan's Post-K supercomputer

Fujitsu Ltd., working with national research institute Riken, has finished designing the successor to the K supercomputer. Fujitsu and Riken have also concluded an official agreement on the production, shipment and installation of the Post-K supercomputer, the company said Monday. The team and the Ministry of ...

Business / Tech Jan 15, 2018

AI-based story-summarizing system to debut at Japanese newspaper

Fujitsu Ltd. will provide the Shinano Mainichi Shimbun with a system that automatically summarizes articles using artificial intelligence. Using the system developed by the electronics maker, summarizing jobs will be finished in an instant, versus three to five minutes per article if done by hand, ...

Business Dec 9, 2016

Financial institutions unsure how to realize digital transformation

More than half of the business leaders in the global financial services industry agree that digital transformation determines the development of their business, realizes efficient business processes and brings more profits, but they have yet to find effective ways of doing so, according to ...