Marie-Antoinette, a Queen in Versailles

Art / Openings In Tokyo Oct 18, 2016

Marie-Antoinette, a Queen in Versailles

by Mark Jarnes

Oct. 25-Feb. 26 The life of Marie Antoinette — the French queen infamous for her penchant for extravagance in fashion and the arts — is explored in this comprehensive exhibition revealing her lavish and ultimately doomed life. Around 150 works of art and furnishings will be ...

National / History Mar 22, 2014

The sloughing of Japan's corporate skin goes on

by Michael Hoffman

"Man is born free and is everywhere in chains." No 18th-century Japanese thinker could have written that. It is amusing to imagine one even reading it. What emotion would it have called forth? Outrage? Blank incomprehension? Born free? A revolutionary notion! "The Social Contract" (1762) is the ...