Franz Ferdinand gets it right on latest album

Music Nov 7, 2013

Franz Ferdinand gets it right on latest album

by Shaun Curran

When I speak to Paul Thomson, drummer with Scottish art-poppers Franz Ferdinand, it is just over 36 hours since James Blake's second album, "Overgrown," was announced as the surprise winner of this year's Mercury Prize, the award for the best record to come out ...

Music Nov 5, 2013

Hostess exists rather happily on the edge

by Steve McClure

With international repertoire's share of the music market down to about 15 percent, it has never been harder to break foreign acts in Japan. And given the shrinking market for non-Japanese music, it seems quixotic to set up a company specializing in bringing foreign ...

Editorials Dec 23, 2011

Conflict over child allowance

As the central government's work to compile the fiscal 2012 budget goes into full swing, conflicts between the central and local governments are deepening over the use and distribution of funds. One such conflict is over funding of the monthly child allowance. Children younger ...