Sep 28, 2014

Lower House electoral reform

A panel of experts has begun discussions on addressing Lower House electoral reforms, particularly the vote-value disparity between rural and urban districts, after talks among the ruling and opposition parties failed.

Mar 18, 2014

Overhaul the electoral systems

Diet members need to set their sights on overhauling the electoral systems for both houses before the next national election and explore what kinds of systems would better suit the different roles of each chamber.

Apr 29, 2013

Pseudo electoral reform

The bill just passed by the Liberal Democratic Party and ally Komeito to rectify vote-value disparity between districts is no more than pseudo electoral reform.

/ Mar 15, 2013

LDP eyes seats for smaller parties

The ruling Liberal Democratic Party's leadership proposed Thursday to preferentially allocate 60 of the 150 proportional representatioin seats in the Lower House to smaller political parties, LDP lawmakers said. The proposal is part of the LDP's plan to cut the number of seats in the ...