Sports bodies look to stop abuse by coaches

More Sports Apr 28, 2019

Sports bodies look to stop abuse by coaches

As Japan prepares to host the 2020 Tokyo Olympic and Paralympic Games, a number of the country's sports bodies are taking steps to prevent coaches from verbally and physically abusing athletes following a spate of high-profile cases. These measures include guidelines telling coaches to use ...

More Sports Oct 23, 2018

Agency hopes to end college sports violence

Japan Sports Agency chief Daichi Suzuki suggested Monday he hopes establishing a governing body modeled after the United States' National Collegiate Athletic Association can help eradicate violence in collegiate sports, an issue that has rocked the country in recent months. The agency and other organizations ...

Olympics Dec 10, 2016

Murofushi expresses shock over McLaren Report findings

Former Olympian Koji Murofushi said Saturday that the McLaren Report released on Fridayby the World Anti-Doping Agency implicating over 1,000 Russian athletes in an institutional doping conspiracy was "shocking." "The scope is very big. It's a shocking report," said Murofushi, who won the gold medal ...