Business Sep 17, 2015

Asian nations call for shake-up of LNG trade

Consumers of liquefied natural gas on Wednesday called for more flexibility in how the fuel is traded in Asia. Rigid contracts and prices linked to those of crude oil have been seen as obstacles to steady development of the LNG market. Although consuming nations have ...

National Mar 18, 2015

U.N. disaster forum flags seven new goals

Countries gathering for a U.N. disaster conference in Sendai, Miyagi Prefecture, agreed Wednesday on seven global goals to mitigate risks and damage from disasters, and to boost international cooperation amid increasing threats posed by climate change. In a new, 15-year action plan, which is to ...

Okinawa to host WEF cybersecurity summit

National Jan 23, 2015

Okinawa to host WEF cybersecurity summit

by Sayuri Daimon

The government will host a cybersecurity conference jointly with the World Economic Forum in Okinawa in November, Japanese officials announced at this year's annual economic conference in Switzerland. The two-day WEF cyberconference, scheduled to start on Nov. 7, will bring together some 250 experts, politicians ...