Vandalized statue of Japanese engineer in Taiwan repaired

National May 8, 2017

Vandalized statue of Japanese engineer in Taiwan repaired

A ceremony was held in Tainan Sunday to mark the completion of repair of the vandalized statue of a Japanese engineer who made great contributions to the agricultural development in southern Taiwan during Japan's colonial rule. Last month the head of the statue of Yoichi ...

National / Politics Jun 21, 2015

Stop using the term 'sex slaves': Tokyo

Tokyo has demanded Seoul stop using the term "sex slaves" when referring to the "comfort women," Japan's euphemistic term for the tens of thousands of females who were forced to provide sex for Japanese troops before and during the war, sources close to Japan-South ...

National / Politics May 15, 2014

S. Korea, Japan talk sex slaves, forced labor

Senior officials from Japan and South Korea met Thursday in Tokyo as part of efforts to improve bilateral relations strained by historical issues related to Japan's 1910 to 1945 rule of the Korean Peninsula and a territorial dispute over islets in the Sea of ...

National / History Jul 23, 2013

Taiwan government to use new wording for Japanese colonial period

Taiwan's Executive Yuan, or Cabinet, instructed all government agencies Monday to begin calling the 50-year Japanese colonial rule of the island as the "Japanese occupation period" in official documents. The announcement came ahead of an Education Ministry decision over whether to also change the "Japan-governed ...

National / History Apr 10, 2013

Ministry mulled South damages

The Finance Ministry in 1962 considered allowing South Korean individuals to seek damages for World War II-linked suffering during Japan's colonial rule of the Korean Peninsula, according to diplomatic records disclosed recently, a civic group said Monday. The records were among classified documents on negotiations ...