Editorials Oct 18, 2016

SDF's expanding missions

Lawmakers in the Diet should once again scrutinize how far the administration intends to expand the SDF's overseas missions under Abe's call for "proactive contribution to peace" and how that should be controlled.

Japan's new defense chief to visit U.S., South Sudan

National Sep 14, 2016

Japan's new defense chief to visit U.S., South Sudan

Defense Minister Tomomi Inada will visit the United States to hold talks with her U.S. counterpart Ashton Carter on Thursday, the Defense Ministry said Wednesday. The meeting that comes as the two countries eye closer cooperation under Japan's new security legislation. The talks between Inada and ...

Editorials Mar 29, 2016

Security legislation takes effect

Japan's postwar defense posture underwent a major change this week as new security legislation took effect, but how the government plans to implement the laws remains unclear.

Editorials Oct 6, 2015

Legislation Bureau misconduct

The Cabinet Legislation Bureau's failure to keep records of its internal discussions leading up to the Abe administration's reinterpretation of Article 9 only deepens suspicions about the legal legitimacy of the Cabinet decision and the subsequent security legislation.